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I can’t select the SMS alert

The SMS alert option is only enabled if you have a valid mobile phone number entered into the system. Check by going to Settings and clicking on the Users tab. If there is no mobile number listed you can add one by clicking on the green edit button listed under Actions.

I have added a new user but they have not received an email with the password

Ask the new user to check their spam folder or search for the subject “Kite Temporary Password”. If they still do not have the email, check you have entered the correct address in their user account. You can do this by going to Settings and clicking on the Users tab and then selecting the green edit button listed under Actions for the new user. You can then select resend invitation.

I’m trying to add someone as a user to my site, but it is saying that they are an existing user

If someone is already using Kite you will need to invite them to be a user of your site by using the Invite User button. If they are a vet or nutritionist they will be included in the list. If not, you will need to enter their email address for them to receive a notification that you have added them to your site. They do not need a new password.

I’m getting errors on the website

Occasionally a new release of the Kite software may require you to manually refresh the website in your browser to stay in sync with our servers.

If you are seeing errors such as the one above, the first step is to click the refresh button in your browser to force a reload of the page. In most browsers this can be done by holding the Shift key and clicking the Reload button at the top left.

JavaScript errors detected

Please note, these errors can depend on your browser setup.

If this problem persists, please contact our support.