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What is the Monitored Risk level and how do I set it?

Monitored Risk Level is the AHLU level that represents the highest risk animals in your care, or the AHLU level you wish to monitor. Most sites will have many different cattle populations that they are monitoring.

We recommend setting the Monitored Risk level to represent the Highest Risk Animals. The Monitored Risk Level is displayed on your dashboard, drives the colours of the cards and sets the SMS alert level. The easiest way to determine your Monitored Risk Level is by using the RAP (or use the HLI Threshold Calculator located on your Cattle Heat Risk Dashboard) to assess all the cattle populations at your feedlot.

The Monitored Risk Level is a setting for the feedlot site and is set by the site Admin. Users without Admin privileges will see the Monitored Risk Level but will NOT be able to change it.

You can change your Monitored Risk Level as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page

  2. Select the Global Settings tab

  3. Select the AHLU level you wish to monitor from the drop-down list

  4. Press SAVE

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