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My AHLU is out of control, what can I do?

For some locations with very high heat load the AHLU (for the low HLI thresholds) can get out of control. By that, we mean the AHLU just keeps increasing. When this happens it can make managing your heat risk difficult.

If your animals are showing NO signs of heat risk but the AHLU is very high (in the 100’s) then there is a problem with the recovery rate. The HLI/AHLU formulas (as defined by MLA) do a very good job of identifying a heat event. At a very small number of locations around Australia, it can sometimes keep climbing. As a solution to help sites manage this situation, we have developed an AHLU reset function.

The AHLU reset should only be used under strict consultation with your veterinarian.

Here is an example of a site (Darwin!) where the AHLU regularly climbs into the 1,000s and just keeps going up.

Site with AHLU out of control

The AHLU reset button will set ALL the AHLUs to zero at the time you press the button.

It can be found on the Settings page, in the Global Settings tab.

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