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HLI Threshold

HLI Threshold is the level at which cattle will start to accumulate heat load. It is used to calculate the Accumulated Heat Load units (AHLU), which provide an indication of the heat load carried by the animal.

The HLI threshold will change for individual cattle as they go through the feeding period. The HLI Threshold Calculator (accessed by the HLI button on the Cattle Heat Risk Dashboard) can be used to understand how the threshold changes.

The HLI threshold is also determined as part of your site Risk Assessment (RAP).

Note that the RAP and HLI Threshold calculator will present the HLI Threshold within the range from 78 to 100 at 1 unit steps. We cannot forecast for all these AHLUs so instead we present six AHLU categories from 80 to 95. A table showing which AHLU category should be monitored for each HLI Threshold is shown below.

General Risk Description

AHLU level

HLI Threholds

High risk


78, 79, 80, 81 and 82

High risk


83, 84, 85

Medium risk


86, 87, 88

Medium risk


89, 90, 91

Low risk


92, 93, 94

Low risk


95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100

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