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What is Kite?

KITE Weather Risk Management System allows you to plan activities and manage risks associated with weather-related environmental risks. Our KITE technology can be integrated with existing management systems and monitoring data to maximise operations, keep people safe and minimise complaints.

KITE offers you a suite of customisable, site-specific products and services that include site-specific weather forecast data in an easy-to-interpret format. This allows the user to set various event triggers to identify risks and implement actions, before trigger events occur. KITE provides real-time display of the site weather station or monitoring data and a site forecast that is updated four times a day. Alerts are fully configurable including an sms distribution list with options to escalate alerts depending on the severity of the trigger.

The KITE system will allow you to systematically and proactively manage weather-related risks with reports and alerts that can be tailored to inform key personnel about current and forecast risks. The system allows you to plan and manage potential events through actions such as:

·       Optimising the position and operation of abatement equipment

·       Informing operators of adverse conditions that may trigger specific operational practices

·       Re-scheduling high-risk activities, where practical.

KITE’s DigiTARP allows a facility to digitise its Trigger Action Response Plans for seamless integration to minimise the risk of nuisance by alerting management and operators to impending risks and listing actions required (as specified in each TARP) and then recording actions taken. This allows for an auditable trail to provide evidence that actions were taken to minimise potential risks to the community.

In addition to the forecasting and alert service, KITE has a Complaints Register and Reporting dashboard that helps streamline the process and keep the community and regulators informed. Reports can be generated by anyone within minutes. All information from plant operating conditions, monitoring data and mitigation actions taken (as per the DigiTARP) can be included in each comprehensive report.

The system's goal is to provide enough warning of impending high-risk conditions to allow mitigation and management practices to be implemented before an event. If the monitoring stations identify elevated levels or an exceedance of the licence limits, alerts will be issued to key personnel (as per the TARP). An exceedance reporting function allows fast processing of the cause of any licence breaches and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

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