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Rain Dashboard

The Rain Dashboard is designed to allow users to determine the risk of rain and storms for the next seven days.

Dashboard features

  • Cards showing Daily summary and colour-identified risk level

  • Data is displayed in daily cards showing predicted rainfall amount for day/night for the next 6 days and the past 6 days

  • For sites with a weather station, a summary of historical rain observations is also presented.

  • Detailed hourly data can be seen as a table (select Table tab) or Graph (select Graph tab). The tabs are located above the table/graph on the left-hand side.

  • If you have your weather station set up to send data to Kite this is shown in the table in bold and is presented on the graph as a solid line.

  • You can extend the data viewed on the Graph by clinking on the All tab, located on the top left-hand side of the window.

Hourly data is shown on a graph (along with the chance of rain and the chance of storms)


Rain Risk levels are defined as:

Heavy rain likely (>2mm/hr) or (15 mm/day) - dark blue

Rain likely (>0.1 mm/hr) or (1 mm/day) - light blue

These are the standard settings. Custom settings are also available.

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