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Dust Risk Dashboard

The Dust Risk dashboard is designed to help sites minimise the risk of dust causing a complaint through proactive dust mitigation strategies.

Dashboard features

  • Cards showing Daily summary of hours with low, moderate, high and extreme risk and forecast Average Wind Speed, Total Rain and % chance of rain.

  • Daily cards are presented for today, the last 6 days and the next 6 days. You can navigate by using the arrows.

  • Note that a “Day” is taken from 6 am to 6 am. For example, Today is from 6 am today until 6 am tomorrow. This is to correspond to most shift operations. If your shift start times are different you can request a customised dashboard.

  • Detailed hourly data can be seen as a table (select Table tab) or Graph (select Graph tab). The tabs are located above the table/graph on the left-hand side.

  • If you have your weather station set up to send data to Kite this is shown in the table in bold and is presented on the graph as a solid line.

  • You can extend the data viewed on the Graph by clinking on the All button, located in the top left-hand side of the graph window. Additional variables can be viewed on the graph by selecting the Secondary Variables check box (located above the graph on the right-hand side).

  • The table shows hourly variables (wind speed, wind direction, soil moisture, dust liftoff index, and any additional requested measurements such as stability or rain) as well as coloured dust liftoff risk categories.


Example Dust Risk Dashboard

Risk levels

Dust Risk can be defined by either the Dust liftoff Index or Dispersion Risk.

Dust lift-off risk is suitable for the following dust sources:

  • Large areas of exposed ground that are susceptible to wind-blown dust

  • Stockpiles

For sources that generate dust (e.g. crushers), the Dust Risk is defined by the Dispersion Risk. The standard Dust Dashboard has Dust liftoff as the main driver of risk, however, if you have dust risk for sources that generate their dust, we can set custom alerts that capture the high-risk conditions for these sources.

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