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DigiTARP allows you to manage the actions required to mitigate a risk.

The design of the DigiTARP allows a hierarchy of responses depending on the risk level and time horizon. For example, applying dust suppression to dusty areas should be undertaken the day before a possible dust event. However, cessation of dust-generating activities can occur on the day of the event. Using the DigiTARP to record actions taken for a forecast dust risk will ensure that operators are well prepared to manage the potential risk.

The DigiTARP actions may also be included as part of your complaints or exceedance reports. This provides evidence of what activities were undertaken to minimise the risk of an event.


User interface for recording alert actions and responses


Example Summary of Alerts setup using the DigiTARP

To view a list of all logged actions and the active TARP, navigate to the DigiTARP menu and select the TARP you wish to review from the drop-down list. You can then see a log of alerts with associated actions and responses (note these can be exported). To see how the DigiTARP is set up select the Configuration tab (see example below). To change the DigiTARP you will need to contact the Kite support team (

DigiTARP detail.png

Example DigiTARP configuration

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