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Managing Users

Types of users

Users can also be created with different permissions. There are two types of user levels in Kite, Admin and User.

The person who registered for Kite will automatically be given Admin status. Most people should be added as users.

Admin users have the following permissions:

  • Add and remove sites

  • Manage users (including adding other Admin users)

  • Can do a RAP

  • Set Alerts

  • Set the Monitored Risk Level for the site

  • Manage the account subscription

Users have the following permissions:

  • Log into the dashboard

  • Add and remove sites

  • Can view a RAP

  • Subscribe to Alerts that are set up for a site

Adding users to your feedlot

There are two types of users that can be added to your site. You can either create a new user that is not already using Kite, or you can invite a user that is already on Kite (eg. someone from another site or a vet/nutritionist). If you’re not sure if they are already a Kite user, first try the Create a New User steps below, and if they are already in the system you will receive a warning and should then select Invite User.

Create a New User

  1. Select the Settings menu item and click on the Users tab.

  2. Once on the Users tab, you can add a new user by clicking on the Create New User button.

  3. Enter the name, email address, and mobile number (optional), select Subscription & Dashboard access, and select their User Group (either User or Admin).

The user you have created will receive an email from the system with a username and temporary password. They have seven days to log in before the password expires. Once they have logged in, verified their email address and changed their password their sign-up status will be confirmed.

Invite a User

  1. Select the Settings menu item and click on the Users tab.

  2. Once on the Users tab, you can invite a new user by clicking on the Invite User button.

  3. Here you can select a user from the list of available Vets and Nutritionists or enter the email address of an existing Kite user.

Managing someone else's notifications (reports & alerts)

If you are an Admin user you can manage the alerts for all users on your site (except Vets/Nutritionists). This can be done by navigating to Settings, selecting the Users tab, and clicking on the Manage Notifications button next to each user.

The popup will then allow you to manage other users' notifications by checking the boxes for the reports/alerts they would like to receive.

Note that if the user does not have a mobile phone in the system then the sms notification will not be enabled (as shown in the example above - the check box is grey).

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