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How do you assess your heat risk outlook?

Step 1: Determine your HLI Threshold without mitigation options included. This can be done via a RAP or use the HLI threshold calculator (HLI button on the Cattle Heat Risk Page).

HLI threshold without mitigation strategies (i.e. Options to reduce risk)

Step 2: Review the forecast for your AHLU category on the Cattle Heat Risk dashboard. The cards along the top provide a nice summary of each day's risk. If the AHLU category is above 50 units (it will be coloured red), this means that some cattle with panting scores 2-4 can be expected. If the AHLU category is above 100 units the colour is Black and cattle with a panting score of 4 are likely.

Step 3: Review your heat management strategies and once they are implemented you can then reassess the risk of your animals. Use the HLI threshold calculator to determine your new AHLU category (note it will be higher than the unmitigated risk category).

For example, if your cattle normally sit at an HLI threshold of 86 and you have implemented a heat load ration, installed extra water troughs, and strategically removed high manure areas, your HLI threshold for these animals is now 91. Therefore, once you have implemented your heat mitigation strategies, you can review the AHLU89 (or 92) to assess your risk.

HLI Threshold with mitigation strategies.

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