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Additional Terms


Under the Agreement, we grant a license to use the Services to the following:

(a)   You, being an Administrator of the account;

(b)   Any other ‘Administrator’ that you appoint through the online portal;

(c)   Any ‘Licensed User’ that you appoint through the online portal; and

(d)   Any ‘External User’ that you appoint through the online portal.

Term of Subscription

The Agreement commences on the date you placed your order for the Services and shall continue for a period of 12 months (Initial Term), unless renewed for a further period in accordance with these terms.  

 Renewal of Subscription

The Agreement will, at the expiry of the Initial Term, be automatically renewed for a further 12-month term (Term) and will continue at the expiry of each Term to be automatically renewed for a Term until terminated.


Administrators are responsible for paying the subscription fees for the Services that you have subscribed to. The amount of these fees for the Initial Term are set out during the online order process. The amount of the fees for any renewed Terms will be set out in a notice provided to you 30 days prior to the expiry of a term.

Varying your Services 

We provide standard and premium services. You can, at any time, upgrade from our standard services to our premium services in the online Portal. If you do so, you will be required to make an additional payment corresponding to the additional fees for the premium service, on a pro-rated basis in accordance with the number of days remaining in the relevant Term.


The Agreement will terminate at the expiry of a Term if the Administrator cancels the subscription prior to the expiry of a Term that the Agreement will not be renewed at the expiry of that Term.

Weather Intelligence will have the right to terminate the Agreement effective immediately if:

(a)   A payment is outstanding for a period of 2 months following the commencement of a new Term. 

(b)   You, or a Licensed User, are in breach of the Agreement.


Under this Agreement, any person who accepts an invitation to be an Administrator is a party to this Agreement. Administrators are jointly and severally liable under this Agreement, including for:

(a)   making any payment due and payable under this Agreement;

(b)   complying with this Agreement and ensuring that the Licensed Users and External Users comply with this Agreement;

General Terms

The General Terms contain terms which limit Weather Intelligence’s liability to you and your Licensed Users, allow Weather Intelligence to change the Services and fees for the Services, and use your personal information. As a result of the General Terms you, and your Licensed Users may be unable to recover certain losses, or rely on warranties, from Weather Intelligence, and you may be subject to changes to your Services.

Interpretation of Agreement

To the extent of any inconsistency between the order confirmation and these Additional Terms and the General Terms, the order confirmation and the Additional Terms will prevail.  

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